Read more: CLING ONTO THE CROSS ON WHICH ONCE THE SAVIOUR OF OUR WORLD  HUNG …Are you afraid ? Do you feel small vulnerable , fragile ? Can’t you see the way ahead that leads you on in this entangled world ? Do you feel that you are in the clutches of the scary tomorrow filled with real dangers  and are you overwhelmed by the panic that is like the flood breaking through every impediment?

Read more: GOD GAVE IT….GOD TAKES IT AWAY…Immediate euthanesia - when we want to be freed from a life that became a burden , unnecessary , superfluous and using some  form of medical intervention , medication is unacceptable ! 

Read more: THE MERMAID …One morning during a summer vacation somebody pressed the doorbell, one of our daughters came back to our home. She jumped with joy embracing  my neck asking: "When are we going for camping?" The little girl wanted very much  to go home to her parents after the long schoolyear. 

Read more: The chance...Is there any chance at all ,that the weak man could conquer the great evil spirit ?

Read more: Answering God’s call…I started my monastic life in the monastery in Dés , the service of God as a Franciscan !! Many beautiful memories attach me to this monastery ! Dear Father Ervin was in charge , beside Father Dezső and Father Hugolin and Brother Rókus completed the community , that took me in as a young novice!!

Read more: A MESSAGE FROM THE LAND OF MARY : MANKIND'S VOCATION , TO CREATE A FEAST WITH SELF-SACRIFICING...On the last day of the year a gentle knock attracted my attention . A very unassuming ,smiling woman was standing at the entrance of the monastery . She came from Kismuncsel that is roughly 30 km from Déva from an abandoned mining settlement, this mother of four, in trouble, of Hungarian background but no longer speaking a word in Hungarian.

Read more: “ EVERY DAY YOU HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE “A few years ago around Easter time I was at a slum district near Déva. We took gifts for the poor ! A young man came up to me and asked me to bless his house. He was youngster aged between 16-17 years , I even asked him did the house belong to his parents . He proudly answered “no” , this one was built by him. In this area there were around 30-40 such small huts: this boy also collected the stones , pieces of bricks and built a tiny house . From the outside it looked ramshackle , but on the inside the walls were nicely smoothed down , and on one of them with blue letters a “scribbled” writing saying: “Welcome my darling wife ! “ I looked at him with widely opened eyes , then he told me that during the night his tiny daughter was born . The day after tomorrow he is going to the hospital to bring them home into their little house .

Read more: At the dawn of our Lord’s 2002-nd  year, on the threshold of new hopeI visited three of our children who were spending their vacation in Vajdahunyad . I stood shocked in the doorway of the simple garage made out of concrete. After my eyes got used to the semi-darkness I closed the rough iron door behind me. Deep inside the garage on a convertible sofa-bed the grandmother, the mother and the three children were huddled  up together .The father kindly invited me in and offered me a place . I embraced Robika aged ten, Maria aged twelve and the thirteen year old Petra .

Read more: O come Emanuel…Christ’s second coming will be at the end of time as well. The Church is also awaiting that our Lord Jesus Christ will come again and be visibly with us for ever .