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We have to prepare from day to day so that we have a joyous feast but not only at Christmas time!

Read more: THE BIG QUESTION OF MY LIFE …Do we accept with a degree of resignation ourselves , our surrounding , the world such as it is , the way others are forming, shaping it , or do I become with self-determination  , constituting , forming force ? Do I take my own fight for freedom in my hand or do I let myself become a drifter in the everyday ?! 

Read more: ONLY THE LORD KNOWS WHAT AWAITS US…Our Lord warns us to be vigilant in today’s gospel , because in reality we do not really know neither the day , nor the hour when will He knock at the door! How ready am I that with my head raised high , joyfully , peacefully to open the door of my life wide to my Lord , God ?

Read more: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD…The Feast of the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth- In this chaotic world despite all problems , illness life is going  on in its own  channel , well -well , even if not with a sickle , but the harvest has really started , the gathering of the God-given precious produce ! 

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Dearest Father Csaba may God be your guide in the future as well as you reached this special miles stone.

...the gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

Matthew 7, 12

Read more: CLING ONTO THE CROSS ON WHICH ONCE THE SAVIOUR OF OUR WORLD  HUNG …Are you afraid ? Do you feel small vulnerable , fragile ? Can’t you see the way ahead that leads you on in this entangled world ? Do you feel that you are in the clutches of the scary tomorrow filled with real dangers  and are you overwhelmed by the panic that is like the flood breaking through every impediment?

Read more: GOD GAVE IT….GOD TAKES IT AWAY…Immediate euthanesia - when we want to be freed from a life that became a burden , unnecessary , superfluous and using some  form of medical intervention , medication is unacceptable ! 

Read more: THE MERMAID …One morning during a summer vacation somebody pressed the doorbell, one of our daughters came back to our home. She jumped with joy embracing  my neck asking: "When are we going for camping?" The little girl wanted very much  to go home to her parents after the long schoolyear. 

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